Review me please!

A review or testimony from you helps other people know whether I'm the right marriage celebrant for them!You're saving them time and energy by letting them know what kind of celebrant I am, how I differ from other celebrants, and what kind of person would enjoy my kind of marriage ceremony. thank you for your kind and help words!Plus you're being a massive blessing to me by letting the algorithim know I'm not terrible.You don't have to click all the links, Google and Yelp are the most important, but if you've got the afternoon off, go wild!Not sure what to write? Scroll down to the bottom. ;)

Yelp: If I actually link you to my profile it marks your review as not recommended because I solicited it.So if you go to and search for Josh Withers you should be able to find me and recommend me. Yelp loves it when you have a proper account with them and a profile photo and you upload a photo of your wedding. Picky bastards :)

What to write

I'm not going to tell you what to write because I want it to be honest and real, but some pointers:Professionalism: Was I professional and reliable throughout it all?Communication: Did I communicate clearly and in a timely manner?Personalisation: What personal stuff did I do?Public speaking skills: Am I speak good words?Attention to detail.Flexibility: Was I flexible and how?Travel experience: Was me travelling to your wedding ok?Type of person: what kind of people would appreciate me?